4-Part Content Marketing (Mini Course)


How to Get Started with B2B Content Marketing

Learn the fundamentals of content marketing

This 4-part series gives you the 9 basic steps that lead to effective content marketing and content writing. Also suggested are ways to avoid common marketing problems.

Here's What's Included:

Welcome to the course for improving your product marketing results with content marketing. This 4-part series gives you a content marketing success story and the steps you can take to create results driven content marketing.

4-Part Course with Guided Worksheets

Each video in this course provides a worksheet that leads you toward developing your own unique product marketing formula.

Proven 9-Step Process for Content Marketing and Content Writing

You'll learn a 9-step process for reaching your marketing and sales goals with content marketing and content writing.

Hi, I’m Derek Little

If you use the internet daily like me, it's easy to go off track and get overwhelmed. Especially with content marketing or content writing.

The bottleneck in digital transformation seems to be creating good content. And there's already more content online than anyone will ever have time to read. How can you stand out?

My mini course gives you proven solutions you can implement immediately. After taking this course, you'll know how to use content marketing to help reach your sales goals.

Your Business is Your Product

Competing in business today is like winning a Formula One race - even if you have the best product. This course gives you a new perspective on how to gain a competitive advantage and get better results.

Customer Research is Part of Your Product

Your customer's wants and needs are constantly changing. Learn how to consistently discover what they need and build those innovations into your product and content marketing.

Content Marketing is Part of Your Product

Your customers want more than just a product. They want to be transformed. Learn how to make their experience of your product the ultimate expression of why you're in business.